Picture of square wood trivet
If you wish a modern trivet, not much country style as my previous design, you can of course take the BrittLiv ingenious way (see her ible here) or make a square trivet following these instructions.

Step 1: Material and design

Picture of material and design
As usual I started from available material, and in this case I had a short wood board with square section. So I designed the trivet with a fast sketch, and happy of the result I begun to cut the wood pieces with a circular saw. 
lenggono2 years ago
ide bagus....memberikan wawasan yg lebih baik kepada saya
andrea biffi (author)  lenggono1 year ago
"good idea.... give better insight into who I am"
google translate doesn't help me this time ;-)
verence2 years ago
Well done - both project and I'ble.

How about a protecting layer of transparent paint? A drip of e.g. tomato sauce could stain the trivet without it.
andrea biffi (author)  verence1 year ago
Thanks! Yes a paint will be very useful, but you have to pay attention to heat resistance..
PACW2 years ago
Beautiful work and great instructable!
I was discussing trivets last night with a group of friends; we've all had the experience of encountering someone who does not know what a trivet is. . . . it seems to be mainly an age issue but also perhaps regional.
Very curious as to y'alls experiences there.
andrea biffi (author)  PACW2 years ago
I believe that, finding the english proper term has been difficult for me... it's curious, some translations from "sottopentola" (italian term) return "potholder", which I suppose to be the hand protection to hold pots (really?!)
hot pad is another term. I was confused as heck as what a 'trivet' was - just knew this looked nice ;)
hot pad is another term. I was confused as heck as what a 'trivet' was - just knew this looked nice ;)
woodNfish2 years ago
The "wood cylinders" are called dowels. They are precut and gooved to give more glue area for a stronger bond. You could also just buy a smooth wood dowel and use it or you can buy metal tubes and use those. The heat shrink tubing is a creative use, but I am not sure how it will hold up to being cleaned when you spill something on the trivet. Lastly, mineral oil is a food safe treatment you can use on the wood to seal it. You'll have to reapply it every now and then but that is easy to do with just a paper towel or even a basting brush.
andrea biffi (author)  woodNfish2 years ago
thanks! I'll certainly add the "dowels" term!
About the material, I've made years ago a similar trivet with aluminium metal tubes, I'm not sure where it is now... it was cool... Thanks for advices!

~( ;- } )={. Good thinking, I Figger'.!

ChrysN2 years ago
Great design, it look so nice with the black connectors.
doctorkred2 years ago
Simple yet beautiful.
Sencillo pero a la vez muy bonito.
Awesome trivet!!! I was thinking of making a similar one with possibly different shapes. i would shape the "post" first, then cut the pieces off. Maybe octagon, or triangle... Thanks for the inspiration!!!
andrea biffi (author)  remotecontrolpete2 years ago
for a perfect shape shifting trivet look the instructable by BrittLiv I quoted in the first step! that's great!
Kiteman2 years ago
Nice job, and excellent photos as well.
andrea biffi (author)  Kiteman2 years ago
thanks! I always pay specific attention on photos, I think they should describe the project's main features, as in a comic: you can read the text if you want, but it's sometimes funny looking at pictures only ;-)
lindarose922 years ago
I love it!! I have a feeling that you will become a successful trivet designer :D
andrea biffi (author)  lindarose922 years ago
oh my gosh! ;-)