Srv1 Versus Rpg




Introduction: Srv1 Versus Rpg

i am canadian had recently asked me to post a video of the rpg since i had said it shoots further than srv1(although the srv1 tends to be more accurate)so here it is!



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    were is the rocket and greanaid?

    i think it stands for role playing gun because it doent seem practical; dont worry you can still pretend to shoot your mates. :D just kidding

    no way the srv1 barrel is wayy to short. Also u didnt add the fins and a longer bullet.

    The results are not accurate because your srv1 is not full size nor is it the way the Killerk built it. Clever idea for your rpg though! Doesn't rpg mean Role Playing Game?

    in the way hes using it it means rocket propelled grenade, and even though its not rocket propelled, nor is it a grenade, it's what most people call their rocket launchers on this here site.

    i like, but u should consider shooting these along the sidewalk or something. don't want u to get hit. keep those guns cummin!


    Wow awesome!, i REALLY love the ram to a sling shot!!

    he said it shoots further, not more powerful.