I needed simple storage capability in my garage. I also wanted versatility. So I came up with this idea for storage.

Step 1:

Tools needed
Table saw /
Drill / Screw Gun (and bits)
1/8" spacer (2)
Measure Tape / Pencil
2" wood screws
Safety Glasses
Empty wall
8' 1x12 board ($9.50)
8' 1x6 ($5.50)
8' 1x4 ($3.30)
8' 2x2 ($1.60)

Excellent idea ! &hellip;<br>Simple, no fuss, fast, cheap and easy ; in a worm : Perfect.<br>
fantastic design concept. The only thing I can think to add is place a piece of cardboard liner inside each shelf. this way if you need to move a section of shelf thing smaller than the center gap will not fall out, and if something leaks/spills you can take out the fouled piece or cardboard and replace it with a fresh oneand your wodd shelves are still nice and neat.
This design is ingenious.&nbsp; I have lots of scrap wood and I desperatly need storage.&nbsp; This solves my problem.&nbsp; Thanks.
Thank you &amp; glad to be of service ;o)<br />
Very sweet. 5 stars man.<br />
Those are MY prices here in NC... You may need more or less depending on size and quantity you want to make.<br />

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