Stained Glass Christmas Ortiment





Introduction: Stained Glass Christmas Ortiment

How to make a stained glass Christmas ortiment
Whats better than a hand made stained glass ortiment

Make for family and friends.

Disclaimer: Uses Dangerous tools and sharp glass. 
NOT responsible for injurys during this instructable!!!

Step 1: Tools Needed

Step 2: Materials

2 different color stained glass panels

stained glass solder

copper wire

edge lead

stained glass flux

Step 3: Step 1

Draw on rectangle pattern on both pieces of glass with a sharpie

Step 4: Step 2

Cut out both with glass stripper and then grind down the edges.

Make sure to cool down the piece with water while grinding!


Step 5: Step 3

cut into squares and grind

Step 6: Step 4

cut sqares in half and grind

Step 7: Step 5

cut the solder to size

Step 8: Step 6

solder at joints using flux frequently.

Step 9: Step 7

bend copper wire into a loop and then solder on to a corner of the square.

Step 10: Finished!!!

Be sure to wash your hands andunplug the soldering iron so you dont burn down the work station!!!

Wrap up in lots of toilet paper and make sure to tell the gift reciver that you made it with your own 2 hands!!!



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    why did you cut out a rectangle and then reduce that to a square .. wouldn't it have been quicker to cut out the square to start?

    its easyer because i made multiple and it saves glass that way.

    ok .. thanks for clarifying.