Stamp With Yarn




Introduction: Stamp With Yarn

All u need is a yarn and some colour.

Step 1: Materials Required

  • yarn
  • water colours
  • rectangular block (i have used old external hard disk cover)
  • circular block(i have used a bangle)

Step 2: Yarn Pattern for Stamping

a) rectangular block: wind the yarn to make a pattern and tie the ends. u can even try straight lines, zig-zag or random windings according to ur wish.
b)circular block: i have used a bangle and wound yarn around it in random.u can also make star stamps,slanting lines etc.


Step 3: Stamping

1st image is using the rectangular stamp.. i liked it random more and stamping in sequence to form an abstract design.
2nd image is using the circular stamp. I have stamped vertically to fill the card sheet.

Step 4: Final Touch Ups

decorating the final cardsheet: using quilled flowers and leaves, hearts cut outs  etc (which ever suits ur eye ;) )


  • u can change the pattern everytime if u wish  (flexible)
  • extremely low cost
  • greeting cards can always spread a smile :)
change of colour with same pattern is time consuming.

PS : do vote if u like it :)



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