Introduction: Star Jet

here is a really cool and fast paper air plane and this ones for the contest all you need is a standard peice of printer paper

Step 1: Making the Paper Airplane

first you need to fold it in half as shown
second you need to fold the corners down
third you need to fold the nose back
fourth you need to fold it back in half
fifth you need to fold it edge to edge
sixth you need to fold it edge to edge again
seventh fold it edge to edge again

Step 2: Throwing the Paper Airplane

you throw it by holding it under the outside flaps of paper airplane while holding down the inside flaps as shown below then throw it you need to throw this plane kindof hard but not too hard


legoman111 (author)2013-03-22

I made one with my friend and it flew AWESOMELY until we lost both of ours behind the cabinet (curse you cabinet)

legoman111 (author)2012-04-22

what can i do if it flies upside down? awesome plane though.

just_in (author)2011-06-09

i like this website its great

kunaisrule2345 (author)2011-04-03

i dont get it

bubbachr (author)2010-12-29

mine was flying really well until i lost it under the piano

Killergunman (author)2009-05-18

dose not work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

benmode48 (author)Killergunman2009-06-23

r u sure?

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