Picture of start having fun with your GP2X-F200
Recently released, October 28 2007 in the US, the GP2X-F200 is the hottest open source hand held video game system available... And you've never heard of it!

In this instructable I'll talk some about it, and share some links and tips to get a couple hard to use programs to work.
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Step 1: Right out of the box

Picture of Right out of the box
There are a few games on the firmware right out of the box, but that's not why you shelled out for this machine!
At any rate, if you are waiting for your SD cards to arrive or haven't gotten a chance to check the web yet, they are a good preview of the fun you'll soon be having.
It will play Mp3 and OGG files, works great with AVI video and you can put pictures and text files on it for ebooks and a digital photo album. This machine works great, and if you've ever tried one of the Chinese knock off PMP's, you'll know this is what you've been searching for.

my review:
+ works with most media out of the box
+ open source
+ many many programs and games to choose from
+ thriving worldwide community developement and support
+ expandable capacity with SD cards
- MY EYES! see next step
- AA batteries! $$$$$ you better have an army of rechargables
- My hands are too big so I can't play as long as I'd like

Step 2: My Eyes! My Eyes!

Picture of My Eyes! My Eyes!
Wow! only had this thing out for 10 minutes and I already know its worst design flaw. This blue LED shines BRIGHTLY right in my eyes. I am tempted to try and remove it completely, and save myself some battery time, but for now...
Black electrical tape.
pir8p3t3 (author) 4 years ago
final update, I sold my GP2X F200 (for $100) and bought a used dingoo a320! The dingoo has better battery life and seems more straight forward. Still N64 emulation is hit and miss, Nintendo's army of lawyers can be blamed for that.
Dingoo can't emulate N64 at full speed, ever. Don't even try. If you want N64, go for a Pandora. PSPs can't do it either, Daedalus or no Daedalus, best you usually get is around 50%

It's never about lawyers with emulation.
Fenwick7 years ago
This looks pretty cool. I only have one game for my PSP, and the disk is scratched. Maybe I'll sell it off and get one of these. What's the news on N64 emulation?
Wow only 1 1/2 years to get your answer. N64 emulation is just about impossible on this because: One there aren't enough buttons Two not nearly enough power.
vader4066 years ago
If anyone needs the GBA bios, google the filename.
The phrase 'If you need to know about something or find something, just Google it.' should just be plastered on every site on the internet, its the one true statement you will find lol.
Qwonks5 years ago
why should I "bone up" my german ? its my native language....
but seriously, i already thought of buying one of those things, because the things you could do with them arent actually the same you can do with a psp
(i hope you know what i wanna say....)
i think theyre great and if i have to choose whether to have an psp/NDS/gameby or such a thing, i would choose this
PS: sry for bad english =)
VampireSlug6 years ago
I got my GP2X F-100 back when they first came out and it's the best $180 USD I've ever spent! I look forward to buying the successor, the Wiz, as soon as I have money. The emulation on the GP2X is great but the homebrew games are pretty amazing too, just check out
I own a GP2X as well, and I'm in the US. :D Unfortunately, I'm more at home with my PSP as far as Emulation and Commercial gaming goes. :/
Same here =]<br/>
pcvonz7 years ago
None of the computer savvy people knew what this stuff was when they started either my suggestion is to try and figure it out on your own, once you get started it is pretty easy.
trikkedaddy7 years ago
I wanted one too, didn't have the money, and used the reward points I earned from shopping and referring others to only cost me $112 for a f-200! I do this all the time when I want something l ike this badly. I'm always looking for an easier way. Pandora is next on my list!
c2tha_d7 years ago
just thought you'd like to know your instructable was the first i'd ever heard of the gp2x or open source hand held games for that matter, thanks for opening my eyes. So heres my question for you, i'm neither a hardcore gamer, nor a computer saavy enough person to truly know what an "emulator" is but i like alot of the functionality of the gp2x especially when paired with the cradle. So i'm wondering if you would reccomend it to someone with my less than limited computer credentials over a psp? or will my minimal skills be sufficient for things like say Tetris and Sudoku as well as watching movies and listening to mp3s. This started out for me as a quest for a better mp3 player, so i'm really coming at it from that point of view. Thanks in advance for taking time to respond.
Zlwilly7 years ago
I love my gp2x. It's just a f-100 but I've used it to death, almost literally. It got dropped and afterwards i could hear something rattling around inside. Opened it and voila, a capacitor and a resistor had broken loose. But guess what? It STILL WORKS. I'm only a little worried, as im planning on buying the new model asap anyway! cheers!
PoisonedV7 years ago
Just take out the LED and and a resistor and a less bright LED.
PoisonedV7 years ago
I have been following the GP2X/GP32 scene for a while. I am very active on gp32x at random intervals. never been able to save up for one though. might wait for pandora
gamer7 years ago
sweet, where do you get theese. and... do they go on the internet.
pir8p3t3 (author)  gamer7 years ago
I got mine from in the US there's stores internationally. Google them out! Mine was $169.00 +s&h. Thats a lot of money for something that is just a toy. It's not for everyone, but I enjoy mine very much!
hanelyp gamer7 years ago
thats alot of moola..
An english GP2X site is:
pir8p3t3 (author)  yoyoyoyoyoyoyo7 years ago
I saw that site when I was shopping for mine. Google had it listed as a possible threat! I checked it out though (crossed my fingers and updated norton) and I have not had any problems.... I wonder if they weren't hacked or targeted by a competitor or something.. someone put them on Google's naughty list, but I can't see any reason why. It's a great site!
Have been following GamePark for a couple of years. This latest offering from them looks cool, but it won't be a serious contender in the english-speaking world as long as it doesn't have wifi out of the box. When I can find a small, cheap wifi adapter for it, I might shell out for one, but until then, I'll keep dreaming of a PSP.
x_257 years ago
I have owned a GP2X for a year now in the U.S. And have actuly met another owner.
Darkshot7 years ago
i want one so bad...but no moola
refused7 years ago
finally someone wrights about the gp2x. its about time
I obviously live under a rock. =\
I have truthfully never seen one of these before.
I'm so out of the loop it hurts.
ThuGie7 years ago
I have the gp2x not gp2x-f200 this is the first time i heard about it actually. But just gp2x its quite sweet :), Can run/create all kind crazy stuff for it to bad it doesn't have wifi although you can mod it so it does but i haven't felt like hardware modding on it though. i just checked the website while typing this it seems i have the f100, never noticed any f100 anywhere though until now guess they named it f100 when they made the f200 :/. still sweet though.
Dorkfish927 years ago
very cool. I have the GP32x-blue. I'm thinking about getting one of these.
Williz7 years ago
I envy you, I have wanted one of these for quite a while.