Stealth Pen Gun




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Introduction: Stealth Pen Gun

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this is the final product. Cant hardly tell the difference can you.
all you need is a pilot g2 pen

Step 1: Step 1

take it all apart

Step 2: Put the Button In

put that in the clip part how it was

Step 3: Spring on Piston

put the piston on the spring
put it in the clip part SPRING DOWN

Step 4:

stick the ink down in the clip part

Step 5:

screw the grip on
**it won't fire like this but at first glance it will look like a pen**
**take the grip off to fire**
**will shoot pieces out**



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    Someone make a pen gun for the staples pens!!

    can you tell the difference between that and regular

    did you actually make it because aside from shooting the bits out i think it is pretty good

    Do you think i could incorporate the wad from other instructables but still make it look somewhat stealthy?