Step 2: Adding the Rim

add the jar "nut" , to the hole where the lens used to be, in crease, or decrease the size of the frame to fit the nut.
you should have entered the light up the nigh contest<br />
i did. <br />
did you win?
I have a turbine (fan from an old PC). I can't get it to work. It twitches slightly at 3 volts how many do I need?
well, i would try a 9vlt. or maby you can try for a 12vlt nothing more
this is pretty cool
&nbsp;thx, i agree
once i get the supplys im makin this
thanks, have you looked up any other &quot;steampunk &quot; ideas, i do want you to try making something unique after mine though, that is, if you dont find any other ideas you dont like<br />
Not a bad idea, i might try this one... where did you get the mini turbine?
&nbsp;idk i just found it one day, if i were you id just look online or replace it with a moter and a&nbsp;air plain&nbsp;fin&nbsp;

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