Step 2: Oven Time

I put the ribs in at 325, and cover the pan as completely as possible. We want to steam the ribs, not boil them. Boiling them can make them very greasy but steaming...just right.

I let them cook at that heat for about 45 minutes. Then I turn the oven on to about 200 and wait a few hours. This juices them up, or something. It's a slow wet roast, actually, and it makes them really soft.

When you turn the oven down, also cut a small steam vent in the top of the foil, or remove the cover partially. This will keep the ribs from getting soggy- the idea is to steam them so that the meat is juicy and tender, but not to soak them. Once the heat gets turned down they will be slow-cooking in their own fat and juices, not in the water. If you've cut a vent, leave them for about three hours. If you've removed the cover completely, give them about an hour and a half.

If you want to add some onion powder you can put that in now too. I think it tastes good.
This looks great - and I will definitely try it with some ribs I have in the freezer waiting for a recipe. Thank you for the great Instructable - made me hungry. You had me right up till you suggested pouring that greasy pan drippings into your dog's food. Not good for the dog - no people food, please, especially fatty foods. Unless you want an unhealthy dog. The operative word here is "fat" And all that salt would be another whole health issue, leading to possible vet bills.
I like your maple syrup idea along with dark beer, if you are looking for a maple flavor I bet this works great. But using all of those spices and ingredients, maple syrup and beer I would think you would not taste the actual flavor of the meat any longer. I am not saying your ribs don't taste good but I don't see how adding all of that stuff would give you anything that tasted like ribs. I think I will just have to come over and try them for myself :-) I will have to respectfully disagree about boiling ribs in marinade it doesn't make them greasy it actually cooks the grease out of them so they are less greasy.
I do not use much of each ingredient. I guess I should say that in the text huh>? :) They have a mild sweet flavor right out of the oven. I find them a tiny bit less greasy this way- I think that since a lot of the grease drips down instead of collecting back on the top of the liquid, it's less greasy if you plan to fridge em overnight. Of course if you are cooking for an immediate after-boil barbecue it wouldn't make a difference- but the grease congeals if you've boiled them the night before and stuck them in tyhe fridge for the next day, in my experience. thanks for the comment, it was helpful. I'm going to add amounts now too.
added some amount information. you just let me know when you're coming, I'll cook up a double batch for us! :)

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