Step 2: Oven time

Picture of oven time
I put the ribs in at 325, and cover the pan as completely as possible. We want to steam the ribs, not boil them. Boiling them can make them very greasy but steaming...just right.

I let them cook at that heat for about 45 minutes. Then I turn the oven on to about 200 and wait a few hours. This juices them up, or something. It's a slow wet roast, actually, and it makes them really soft.

When you turn the oven down, also cut a small steam vent in the top of the foil, or remove the cover partially. This will keep the ribs from getting soggy- the idea is to steam them so that the meat is juicy and tender, but not to soak them. Once the heat gets turned down they will be slow-cooking in their own fat and juices, not in the water. If you've cut a vent, leave them for about three hours. If you've removed the cover completely, give them about an hour and a half.

If you want to add some onion powder you can put that in now too. I think it tastes good.