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my first attempt at steampunk design. This is a clock I found at a flea market and juiced up with various bits of metal and fixtures that were laying around my shop. For the light I used a 12 volt transformer and 12 v lightbulbs which are turned on by a pull switch on top.

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    I love this, and I want to try to make something like this. Where can I find the brass bracket that's above the 2 on the clock? It's such an interesting piece. Can you direct me to anywhere that would give me a starting place?

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    actually these are the hanging brackets of the mechanism that was in the clock

    (every clockwork is different!)

    example picture


    You may also get ideas from my website:

    Thank you so much for replying!! I will keep on the lookout for interesting parts. I love your gallery!

    Nicely done! I'm a big steampunk fan and always on the lookout for a unique use of materials.

    sorry for the late response, but I want to thank you all for your positive reactions!!

    I find it difficult to describe "how to", it's just grab stuff and start fitting and measuring,
    follow your instinct and it goes automatically.( and you will find out that it is difficult to stop once you get going)
    Make sure you have enough stuff before you start ( that makes it much easier)

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    Yea but a how to on how you did yours can serve as a guide on some basics on how to do our own. I was hoping to see a step by step of yours. Perhaps future posts could have instructions, considering the idea behind this website is not to just post photos like on pinterest?

    Your clock looks great. I've always liked the steampunk style. Thanks for posting.

    Wow... That looks amazing

    To quote the Chocolatist: "Wow!" And ditto to the looking forward to seeing more sentiment! I hope in the future you can give us a bit more details and documentation on the "how to" process;-) But again, a really stellar first steampunk project!

    Wow! Great job! It looks awesome. Really fantastic! Looking forward to see more from you.

    Beautiful work! I'd love to see a step by step for something like this.