my first attempt at steampunk design. This is a clock I found at a flea market and juiced up with various bits of metal and fixtures that were laying around my shop.  For the light I used a 12 volt transformer and 12 v lightbulbs which are turned on by a pull switch on top.


<p>Nicely done! I'm a big steampunk fan and always on the lookout for a unique use of materials.</p>
sorry for the late response, but I want to thank you all for your positive reactions!! <br> <br>I find it difficult to describe &quot;how to&quot;, it's just grab stuff and start fitting and measuring, <br>follow your instinct and it goes automatically.( and you will find out that it is difficult to stop once you get going) <br>Make sure you have enough stuff before you start ( that makes it much easier) <br>
<p>Yea but a how to on how you did yours can serve as a guide on some basics on how to do our own. I was hoping to see a step by step of yours. Perhaps future posts could have instructions, considering the idea behind this website is not to just post photos like on pinterest?</p>
Your clock looks great. I've always liked the steampunk style. Thanks for posting.
Wow... That looks amazing
To quote the Chocolatist: &quot;Wow!&quot; And ditto to the looking forward to seeing more sentiment! I hope in the future you can give us a bit more details and documentation on the &quot;how to&quot; process;-) But again, a really stellar first steampunk project!
Wow! Great job! It looks awesome. Really fantastic! Looking forward to see more from you.
Beautiful work! I'd love to see a step by step for something like this.
I love it!!! Great job!

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