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Introduction: Steampunk Costume

just me and my steampunk costume.



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I'm looking at all the goggles instructables (and all the steampunk goggles on the internet ever) in order to figure out exactly how I want the ones I'm making to look. I already have the measurements of my face and a basic template for the goggles made, I'm now just looking at aesthetic choices so that I will know what sort of embellishments I'd like. I'm pretty excited to get started since I haven't done any metalwork in a while due to mostly working on other things.

'mazing, the entire thing screamed at me when I was browsing.

Make the goggles? If so, how.

Really like your Raygun. Good use of found items. Looks like you used lamp parts and a table leg. I bet if you plug it in and screw in a Curly Bulb, the lamp will still work. I'll keep it in mind during my next visit to Eco Thrift.

Awesome gear, but I thought Instructables wasn't a photo gallery.

It's a slideshow to show what people have made themselves. Get over it, instructables is just a centre for people to show off what they're made, receive comments and criticism, and to inspire other projects.

Thank you for clearing that up. I thought "Instructables" was to instruct.

it is, partially, but also to show off your demented creations. However, the powers that be decided that "" was way too long of a website name. So they left it to the users to realize that the slideshows are there so that they can show off, and people can beg for instructions, eliciting laughter and a resounding NO! from the creator of said slideshow, that is, if  he's mean. Hope I helped ^^

I am going to put a possibly affective but amazingly-epic end to this conversation by saying something completely random. Waffles.

I was instructed and certainly learned something new :) This costume inspires me to try something like this for Halloween.