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First attempt at some glasses out of some old glasses i found the leather patch it came in and some hot glue and sweing skills.  Haha please leave a comment or rate or whatever

This is my first attempt and certainly not my last.

Also I was thinking of later on adding a loupy to the side (thats what the bolt on the side is for but maybe i just might scrap the whole idea and start over...) And i was also thinking about putting a bluetooth circuit to the side but i dont know? leave a comment!

Aviator Trons Stay-puts 3000


NamOoni1974 (author)2015-03-04

I love them! I know this is old but I was looking up steampunk stuff and saw these. It just tickles me when I see young people getting crafty. Way to go!

Burnsides (author)2011-05-03

I dig it.

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Bio: Im just getting started on instructables and want to learn how to prgram in C++ and also make steampunk creations of my own.
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