Steampunk Helmet, Mask, Movie Prop....


Introduction: Steampunk Helmet, Mask, Movie Prop....

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Here you can see the steps how I made ​​this steampunk helmet. It's very simple and creativity are no limits set.

1. First I created a gypsum positive of my head. Plaster bandages wrapped around my head and then the mold was filled with gypsum.

2. On the gypsum-head the parts were fixed, I wanted to be integrated into the helmet (part of a welder glasses, fan guards, ...)

3. With glass fiber mats, the mask was laminated. So the metal parts have been integrated.

4. The whole mask was coated with liquid metal and later it was sprayed with salt water. After two days produces a rust patina.

5. a transparent plastic hose, illuminated from one side with an LED, was added and covered wit a spring

6. The part of the left side is an old sextant, made of brass. The "eye" is a lense from an old camera.

7. Inside the mask was covered in leather and stitched with steel wire.

8. Old electric cables and brass screws were mounted outside to the helmet.



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    Thanks a lot for your comments! :)
    And yes, reminds to a "Steam-Borg"...

    this is THE coolest thing ever. Where did you get the sextant?

    That's really cool. Reminds me of steam punk meets the Borg from Star Trek. (