Steampunk Pendant





Introduction: Steampunk Pendant

An afternoon project I did. This is actually a birthday gift for a friend, I'm excited to give it to her.

the pendant is made of polymer clay, with a wire circle for the cord to go through and a couple screws and gears embedded into it before it was baked. I then painted the gears and weathered the piece with acrylics. I ran out of clearcoat to seal it, so I used shellac. I like the end result, the shellac gave it a hard, shiny, golden colored coat that really makes the piece look professional.



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    Very good job,makes me wonder how a small oval mirror might look in the background with small watch gears on it.Youve given me some ideas for sure.

    Inspiring me to do something like this for the wife. Nicely done!

    Great piece as I love gears and small mechanical pieces. Had to check out your other projects!

    Where did you get the wings?

    I made them out of polymer clay. it was kinda tough to get them symmetrical, but they turned out alright.

    nice pendant, but what would of made this better is if you didn't round out the edges more or less straightened them.