wicked reinforced steampunk revolver

Step 1: Materials

-sand paper
-right snip or left snip (your choice i used right snip)
-random pieces of hard ware (bolts and stuff)
-paint (you choose what color)
-permanent marker
-hot glue gun and sticks
-leather (optional)

Step 2: Step 1

draw the outline of the gun on tin and cut it out be careful though tin can be very sharp in fact gloves would be a good idea

Step 3: Step 3

now sand down your tin using the sand paper or a file make sure that its dull enough so thaqt it dosent hurt anyone but if your lazy just wait till step 5

Step 4: Step 4

trace your tin shape on to card board about four times if your tin is a little wonky then bend it in to shape with your hands where gloves. once its traced cut all four shapes out

Step 5: Step 5

now that you have all the pieces traced out hot glue them all together if you didnt do step 3 glue all around the edeges so that theres no sharp tin coming out

Step 6: Step 6

remember that random hardware heres where it comes in handy bulk up your gun with a hole bunch of crap you can do this after painting if you want that would probably be easier but inpacient now is also time to put in the barell thingy i used to water bottle lids glued together but depending on the size of your gun you may have to find something else for the handle i glued on some leather

Step 7: Step 7

now its time to paint your gun i painted the handle of mine gold and the rest brown but the barell was black and the hole thing had some copper rubbed in, i went overboard painting mine but you dont have to
i was also going to use a lamp but i was in my room at 1:00 am
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a pikachu with a k, because i love pokemon why is yours a gun?
because i love guns <sub>i guise i get your logic</sub><br/><br/>ps how old are u<br/>
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i do???
I have friends that like pokemon at 16-18. :P
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Yeah i got wierd friends but my friends and i are all anime freaks(otakus). So it's all good. :)
I kinda like aneme u should read zombie powder
I think Bleach is better, mostly becasue the story is more complete (even though it hasnt ended)
Oh yeah i would totally agree Bleach is so much better than pokemon.
by at least a billion percent
So says Swablu... Bleach is pretty good, but I'd have to choose Pok&eacute;mon. (Before it went crap that is.)
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It's kinda hard, despite your obvious age, to take you as an adult while looking at your spelling.<br><br>Sorry about my lateness, but I love Pokemon at 16.
What exactly is wrong with my spelling? I will admit to slacking off with my typing[spelling] while online, but if doesn't appear I have anything wrong with my spelling. (Side note: I am a college English major I get lazy admittedly)
I'm pretty sure he was replying to mr. cool 384. Who's spelling has been consistently bad...
ya bleach is very good with good fighting scenes just like zombie powder (their both by tite kundo) ZP is good tho because it has the little manga shorts at the end also a giant chainsaw sword and a bullet proof hand is alot cooler than a normal sword and a black robe but i am also a huge fan of bleach and i wish kundo continued ZP cuz Smith And Gamma And Balmunk Were o-so-cool
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Pok&eacute;mon #384 is Rayquaza. That's arguably pretty cool...
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I've made some cosplay props before from laminated cardboard, and really it should be tough enough without the metal. By the way, is it tin? It looks more like aluminum.
Not.Enough.Washers.<br /><br />No, really: what's with those?<br />
&nbsp;had no gears
its a bit rough around the edges but i wouldn't worry about it, a good person once said "There's a Punk in steeampunk"
yay better pics
Its good, I understand your using a webcam of some sort, so the pictures do lack. Each step could do with at least twice as much writing. Even if you can not retake the pictures, at least one good quality version of the final thing would be great!
my first instructable

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