every one going as a steampunk for halloween cant just have a costume, you have to accesorise(i now i cant spell). with small things like canes and PIPES

Step 1: Materials

alright get your supplys then you can get started hers what you'll be needing

brown, black, and silver testors paint or what ever color you want your pipe to be

a pack of 99 cent pipes you'll only need one pipe but you can give one to every one in your group and let them decorate them selves

and a razor to cut up the top
seems alittle half arse but nice idea keep at it =)<br/>
ya i did it in about 20 minutes cuz it was last minute, if i had more time it would of ben alot cooler.
fair enough =)<br/>
ha that doesnt look like a tobacco pipe if you catch my drift
or you could just buy a real one and make the costume all the better, plus if the party sucks you have a real working pipe. do the math
Intoxicating fumes FTW.
Neat. The 'pot' is called the bowl. The long part is the stem. Craft stores sell little LED 'candles' that you could butcher and build into your pipe for a real 'lit' look!
i think ill buy a regular pipe and bring a lighter lol
hmm great idea i think ill try that if i get any free time. btw thanks for clearing up the parts!
what no comments? lol sorry for the bad pictures(see my good camera was lost/out of batterys and i had to leave right after i took the photos so it was kind of rushed)

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