Introduction: SteamWatch



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    Did you solder in the back, or does it snap in? I am a huge fan of your work!

    Wow, this is cool! It inspires me to try making one of my own... 5/5
    Win Guy

    This looks absolutely marvelous!! The craftmanship is fantastic!
    If I had the metal-working skills, I would definately make one of these.
    I appreciate the amount of photos you took to explain your work.
    I can't wait to see your next project. Keep up the good work!

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    Will try to meet your expectations, and not disappoint you in the future. Thank you.

    I think if you added a mechanical iris to the face it would close off about 3/4 of the face and resemble a half hunter pocket watch lid. It would still look really steam punk, plus it would give you something to play with while you sit and watch the time slip slowly by until your out of Class/Work and can go do what ever you want.

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