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Introduction: Nerf Dart Stefan Jig

This is an easy to make jig for a Stefans dart which is a homemade replacement nerf dart that some one named Stefans came up with as far as I know. For this Instructable we will be making a jig that a small child can use safely Though it would be best for a responsible adult to construct the jig it self .

Step 1: ‚Äčmaterials

To make the jig we will be using 1/2 pvc pipe

need 1 four way

1 cap

2 inches of pipe

hack saw blade

bic pen

drill and bits

Step 2: Get Er Done

There is a separation line down the middle of the four way using the hacksaw, carefully cut down the separation line . Next cut a half inch down on the two inch pvc pipe half way and then down the middle to cut our a notch .Insert the non notched end into the four way

Step 3: Cap

Find the center of cap and drill a hole that is the same size as a bic pen and drill a hole Next cut notches in the pen to mimic saw teeth

Step 4: Your Done Make Some Darts

Now its time to make some darts insert the backer rod . cut with hacksaw blade . insert pen saw . Twist pen saw down till it comes out the other side . And that is how the jig works now finish by checking out one of the many dart mod and Stefans ibles here. Stefans



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