this is a instructable about how to draw manga
i am not a pro yet but i thort i would share what i do know and what helped me get this far
the drawing i have done is more to show what can be done and how, it wasn't to be a art work
also dont bother buying super expensive art supplies, i only did this with a bic mecanical pencil, just make sure whatever you use is sharp
1-9 is the main part of getting the body right, the rest is just looks

**please note**

i am drawing darkly so that you can see it , normaly i can bearly see the final picture untill i draw over in pen.

please leave a comment if you are stuck, need help,cant read my spelling or if i have forgoten or skipped something you wanted to know

Step 1: The Head

i always start with the head, soe people pefer to start with the body but realy when you are drawing it's whatever suits yourself so have a play around and see what you like best

the head wants to be a circle with a little jaw bone included like this

******!!!!!!! please note: the two most important things are: 1.make sure you have fully thort out what you are going to draw, and that  you include it into your drawings, and the second thing: 2.rember to add color to everything you do

<p>Very nice! I read some great tips here </p><p><a href="http://www.painterartist.com/en/pages/draw-manga/tips/" rel="nofollow">http://www.painterartist.com/en/pages/draw-manga/t...</a></p><p>before I decided to start drawing my first manga, and now, I think I am ready! I will follow your steps and see what happens, thanks :)</p>
<p>here is my drawing. I have a weakness when drawing muscular males.</p>
Hi Mazzy! Your art is looking pretty good!
Nice work. I have improved a lot since writing this, I found studying the human body and how the bones and flesh sits really helps, I took a few sculpture classes that helped lots too
<p>That is a great instructable! Look forward to more epic instructables!</p>
wow this is good. although i know how to draw realisticaly, im also practicing manga. this was really helpful! thanks!
no problem, always nice to have feedback, thanks :D<br><br>

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