Picture of step by step how to draw manga
this is a instructable about how to draw manga
i am not a pro yet but i thort i would share what i do know and what helped me get this far
the drawing i have done is more to show what can be done and how, it wasn't to be a art work
also dont bother buying super expensive art supplies, i only did this with a bic mecanical pencil, just make sure whatever you use is sharp
1-9 is the main part of getting the body right, the rest is just looks

**please note**

i am drawing darkly so that you can see it , normaly i can bearly see the final picture untill i draw over in pen.

please leave a comment if you are stuck, need help,cant read my spelling or if i have forgoten or skipped something you wanted to know
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Step 1: The head

Picture of the head

i always start with the head, soe people pefer to start with the body but realy when you are drawing it's whatever suits yourself so have a play around and see what you like best

the head wants to be a circle with a little jaw bone included like this

******!!!!!!! please note: the two most important things are: 1.make sure you have fully thort out what you are going to draw, and that  you include it into your drawings, and the second thing: 2.rember to add color to everything you do

Step 2: The shoulders

Picture of the shoulders
i will be drawing using circles and lines so that i can get a main outline of what pose im wanting to get befor putting all the detail in

aslo i ahve lined in the center of  the face, dont worry this isn't to important, its just so that i can get the hair straight

Step 3: Arms and chest

Picture of arms and chest
so now you want to sketch in the arms in the position that you want them and also draw in the main chest area
mazzy mitchell made it!6 months ago

here is my drawing. I have a weakness when drawing muscular males.


That is a great instructable! Look forward to more epic instructables!

harrafamily4 years ago
wow this is good. although i know how to draw realisticaly, im also practicing manga. this was really helpful! thanks!
rug (author)  harrafamily4 years ago
no problem, always nice to have feedback, thanks :D