At first they didn't want any,
the next day I had 30 people saying "can I have some"

Step 1: Gather Materials

You'll need;
any type of liquid (i used lime juice),
2 packets of any flavor Emer-gen-C
energy drink mix,
and a small Zip-Loc bag.

Step 2: Mix and Knead

Put the powder into the bag and add 4-8 drops juice or whatever your using. Then zip the bag and knead the mixture for about 1 minute.When your done it should look like the second picture.

Step 3: Final Prep

Put the mix into the freezer for about 15-30 minutes.(if you put too much liquid in it'll freeze)Then eat with toothpics or spoon.Store in refrigerator.
Wooden toy horses fried in white out is much better.
wtf?? lol
? o.0
does it matter the liquid you use......can you use another powdered drink as the liquid substitute?
what other iquids can you use besides lime juice and lemon juice?
Dihydrogen Monoxide! Or any liquid...
isn't Dihydrogen Monoxide like juice or somthing
Yeah, it's a juice. :P
duh lol
full throttle?
can you use something other than emer-gen-c as I live in the uk how about lucozade tablets.
can use something other than emr-gen-c
thanks,i say the same although i've already eaten it
it looks like cocane
Do you know what coke looks like?
I do bring me some
have you tried freezing it? it looks like it might be nice and more practical as ice suckers
Urgh... nasty, but I'll try again with some sugar.
Urgh... Still nasty, I shall try with Kool-Aid powder.
In the freezer now
does it taste nice ????
AWESOME man I gotta make this!
aw this looks great, gotta make some
kool aid does the same thing
i said any liquid
I think s/he meant the koolaid powder does that with liquid as well. The only problem I could see with that is the koolaid powder has no sugar, u have to mix it in when making the drink, so using the packets on their own in this recipe might be too tart.
oh,anything with sugar (salt might work) works so you've got the go ahead on that one ,as for the tartness you could probably dilute it with water.
So you could do this with any fake-sweetened mix. (Fake sweetners are 100-600 times more sweet than sugar) Cristal Light's mixes are ~1TPSP = 2 quart. They may be too tart...<br/>
They got all sorts of Emergan-C flavors: Lemon-Lime Strawberry etc...

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