Introduction: Sticky and Sour Candy

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At first they didn't want any,
the next day I had 30 people saying "can I have some"

Step 1: Gather Materials

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You'll need;
any type of liquid (i used lime juice),
2 packets of any flavor Emer-gen-C
energy drink mix,
and a small Zip-Loc bag.

Step 2: Mix and Knead

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Put the powder into the bag and add 4-8 drops juice or whatever your using. Then zip the bag and knead the mixture for about 1 minute.When your done it should look like the second picture.

Step 3: Final Prep

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Put the mix into the freezer for about 15-30 minutes.(if you put too much liquid in it'll freeze)Then eat with toothpics or spoon.Store in refrigerator.


Supreme_Angler (author)2008-02-15

Wooden toy horses fried in white out is much better.

firefliie (author)Supreme_Angler2009-05-24

wtf?? lol

Kaiven (author)Supreme_Angler2008-04-12

? o.0

TheYetti (author)2009-05-21

does it matter the liquid you use......can you use another powdered drink as the liquid substitute?

Shabers (author)2007-03-06

what other iquids can you use besides lime juice and lemon juice?

paper warrior (author)Shabers2007-03-06

Dihydrogen Monoxide! Or any liquid...

isn't Dihydrogen Monoxide like juice or somthing

Yeah, it's a juice. :P

duh lol

codongolev (author)paper warrior2008-06-21

full throttle?

CJ Pain (author)2008-04-24

can you use something other than emer-gen-c as I live in the uk how about lucozade tablets.

CJ Pain (author)2008-04-24

can use something other than emr-gen-c

paper warrior (author)2006-09-23

thanks,i say the same although i've already eaten it

spartin117 (author)paper warrior2007-03-01

it looks like cocane

paper warrior (author)spartin1172007-03-01

Do you know what coke looks like?

pierceddvl (author)paper warrior2007-12-27

I do bring me some

have you tried freezing it? it looks like it might be nice and more practical as ice suckers

Lord Of Mystra (author)2007-11-21

Urgh... nasty, but I'll try again with some sugar.

Urgh... Still nasty, I shall try with Kool-Aid powder.

In the freezer now

DIRTYSHOTZZ (author)2007-01-03

does it taste nice ????

linkmaster03 (author)2006-11-22

AWESOME man I gotta make this!

kennytatheguy (author)2006-09-27

aw this looks great, gotta make some

TheCheese9921 (author)2006-09-23

kool aid does the same thing

i said any liquid

sumguysr (author)paper warrior2006-09-23

I think s/he meant the koolaid powder does that with liquid as well. The only problem I could see with that is the koolaid powder has no sugar, u have to mix it in when making the drink, so using the packets on their own in this recipe might be too tart.

paper warrior (author)sumguysr2006-09-24

oh,anything with sugar (salt might work) works so you've got the go ahead on that one ,as for the tartness you could probably dilute it with water.

zachninme (author)2006-09-24

So you could do this with any fake-sweetened mix. (Fake sweetners are 100-600 times more sweet than sugar) Cristal Light's mixes are ~1TPSP = 2 quart. They may be too tart...

paper warrior (author)zachninme2006-09-24


Bad Donut (author)2006-09-23

They got all sorts of Emergan-C flavors: Lemon-Lime Strawberry etc...

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