Introduction: Stinger Blow Dart

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this blow dart doesn't have a needle point, so it can be shot at living things and it won't hurt them that bad.

if you get hit in the eyes, i am not responsible for any injuries caused by this type of blow dart

Step 1: Supplies

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you will need:
small screw
hot glue
pipe or tube(the gun itself)

Step 2: Make the Dart

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form the paper into a cone around the screw, then tap the paper.

Step 3: Glue

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add glue via the back of the dart to secure the screw. the glue might get stuck to the sides before it get to the screw, so you can also take the screw out, put glue in the tip, and put the screw back in.

Step 4: Cut

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put the dart in the end of you tube and cut as close as you can to it. check the fit and if you need to cut more off, do so. make sure you don't cut to much off.

Step 5: Done

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you now have a finished blow dart that isn't skin penetrating.


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