Stone Wall Facade


Introduction: Stone Wall Facade

a stone wall facade was needed for a show and so I pulled out some pink foam insulation sheets and designed out a stone wall pattern and then cut away the rock joints and after sanding and shaping i then painted them up in a two shade grey and some black paint feather for an old stone look.

as always if you have any questions please feel free to ask



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    I love this! I have to make props for a play soon and I'm using your ideas to make it happen. Thanks! Voted for you for the I made it! Good luck!

    Well done! This would also work well to make a brick facade.

    Nicely done. What kind of paint did you use? The last time I tried to paint insulation it dissolved the insulation.

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    I used a spray primer to give it a simple first coat and then i just used a low grad interior flat latex paint to mix the two gray colours and same for the black just a low grad flat interior latex paint. i know the problem you speak of though as it happened on another project i did, it mainly happens when the insulation has just been reshaped and is coated right away and can't allow air flow in and so it seems to dissolve in on itself. hope your next project goes well