Picture of stop motion Gummy Bear warrior puppet
Greetings Instructable friends! 

how many of you have wanted to make your own stop motion films? I am sure everyone has thought of it at some point and if you haven't ... what kind of childhood did you have?

I myself have tried and failed numerous times trying to animate toys and clay, but I have friends who are great at it and love it and so I from time to time make stop motion puppets for there needs, so I am atleast helping out with one of the biggest parts to the animation process the PUPPETS! 

stop motion movies have been a hit for years and have recently been coming back with a huge boom and a new audience loving this classic technique and allowing it to once again blow their minds. the nightmare before christmas, james and the giant peach, coraline and my personal favourite Paranorman, all films that have been erupting with new techniques to make a classic animation style take the modern age of movies by storm.

in recent productions there has been an amazing growth with merging different puppet making and animation techniques and now it seems computer animation and even 2D animation all come together to make these new stop motion films incredible. in this instructable I will be showing you how to make a one piece simple armature and puppet. this same technique can be used to make moveable toys and even just still statue pieces you may wish to display. there are many ways and many materials and techniques that one can use to make these puppets and toys, I will be showing you one of them and discussing a few variations that you can also do. this particular puppet i made took me 3 days to complete.

hope you enjoy the ride!
The Rambler2 years ago
This is awesome. Tell me you've seen Gummi Bears! I'd post the link but it won't let me. Look up "Disney's Adventures of the Gummi Bears" on Youtube. I used to love that show when I was a kid and this little guy looks like a grown up stop motion version.
McNopants13 (author)  The Rambler2 years ago
Ofcourse I have seen the original gummi bears cartoon. it was one of my favourite cartoons as a child even tho it was really short lived. thanks for the compliment my friend
Haha good.
No problem man, you deserve it.
robbadooz2 years ago
Wow! Especially informative on mold making. Thanks!
Legendary awesomeness.

McNopants13 (author)  GorillazMiko2 years ago
HAHAHA thank you my friend, thats the best comment I have had to date