Frost covered car windows has got to be one of the worst ways to start a day followed closely by a snow covered car. I've broken most of the bones in my hands at one time or another so the cold is really debilitating. I started many years ago using a blanket to cover the windows of my vehicle the night before, some neighbors teased me about tucking my car in at night but the next morning while they were busy scraping I just pulled off the blanket and was done.  You can use a sheet, a large towel, a blanket or in this case a large painters dropcloth I found on craigslist  for $10us, In the past I've used weights and magnets to hold the cover on but a couple of 2x4's work just as well and are super easy to remove. This will also work for snow to some degree but trying to pull 1 foot or more of snow off the car may be difficult.

 the preview pic? just something I found on the web... it looks brutally cold doesn't it !

Step 1: what you'll need

to do this there are some things your going to have to have, the 1st being a vehicle of some kind, I know Moby is ugly but she runs, is paid for and both the ac and heat work (needed in florida)
 A large piece of material, beach towel, sheet, blanket etc Im using a large painters drop I got on craigslist, to cover the windshield or more
weights or magnets to hold the cover on, 2x4's work for me

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