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the head on are shovel for our wood stove broke so i decided to make one instead of spending 10 bucks for a new one.

first i traced the the out line of the origanal shovel and cut it out of wood with a jig saw.
i then cut out a peice of tin from a tin panel and put it on the wood template and hammerd over  the edges.
for the curve at the top i i took a pair of needle nose pliers and twisted it out and to give it its shape and then i filed and trimmed the sharp and uneven edges and marked the holes with the old shovel as a template and drilled them out and riveted it to the handle


Todd Gehris (author)2014-03-14

A little sanding and paint to hide the rust then it will look better than the origional.

Dowaine (author)Todd Gehris2014-03-14

did do that i did not have any paint on hand at the time

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