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Anyone who has tinkered around under the hood of their vehicle knows that the plastic sparkplug wire separators break and get lost. here's a quick and inexpensive way to keep your wires under control and off of heat sources

Step 1: What you'll need

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a pretty short list of supplies for this project, you'll need zipties, a razorblade or sharp knife, a vehicle that needs sprucing up under the hood. I have an older ford V6, your vehicle may require more or less zipties depending on its engine
Scott_Tx4 years ago
Keeping your cables organized prevents crossfire too
l8nite (author)  Scott_Tx4 years ago
your right, especially if you're running a hi performance system in which case you may want to put 2 full size zippies between each wire, but in that kind of case you most likely have a nice dress up kit with proper wire seperators