Picture of strawberry loom band charm

Today we will be making a strawberry charm made of loom bands

Step 1: Loom position

Picture of loom position

make sure your loom is as shown

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Samah Fazal18 days ago
I made It. yay yuppie. Youu.. .hey.....i am happy... ?
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suzysmith243 months ago
Guess what people?i have a loom now!

hi suzy!

I wanna be ur friend

Congrats :)

awww.......thanks for the help

Samah Fazal1 month ago
Hey suzysmith 24.....I am same like u I too got a loom but its difficult for me to make anything but sure I will make something
But the best part is I got a loom
Hey enjoy Suzy and I will also enjoy with my loom
lotisinipk made it!1 month ago
so cute
Jordyan2 months ago

I made it so cute

Jordyan2 months ago

I made it

T0BY2 months ago

Wow! I might show my little girl this.

my came out all wrong!

but i am going to try again

Nice work love it

suzysmith244 months ago

SO cute! but i dont have a loom

100352021 year ago

I made IT!!! YAYYY!

jaqiidiaz3 (author)  1003520211 months ago
;) cute

hello please can you tell me how to loop

amna.raza.587 months ago

how do i loop it

ya me to amna i could not understand how to loop

sash5 made it!6 months ago
It's sooooo cute ^_^

very cute!!!

loomergirl8 months ago

mine came out wrong and it has a bunch of holes in it

smithyalla229 months ago
That's a clever idea you did a good job!!!
akendall110 months ago
these are so sweet and easy to do I have done 4 already
loom bands mad10 months ago
I did it with single bands and it is so cute!
loom bands mad10 months ago
I like it more with pink bands
hannah120610 months ago

I do it YAY!!!! ;)

hannah120610 months ago

I do it YAY!!!! ;)

hannah120610 months ago

I do it YAY!!!! ;)

Poddlepop10 months ago

I made its just that I couldn't put the band though them all. But it's soo cute

DragoBlast11 months ago

i did try but i think i went wrong somewhere why I said that was because it looked like a strawberry with a hole, so... Yeah. Don't worry I'm not-blaming you I just seem to loop it right. Hmm...

ruhliar11 months ago
I made it! ;-)
jaqiidiaz3 (author)  ruhliar11 months ago
cute ;)
hunter9991 year ago

A very original idea, good job! :-)

jaqiidiaz3 (author)  hunter9991 year ago
thanks ❤

No problem, it looks a lot like the Raspberry Pi logo ;-):

download (1).jpg
dan3008 hunter99912 months ago

beet me to it ... by 5 months lol


Why are you spamming my inbox? :-p Please don't.



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