Picture of strawberry loom band charm

Today we will be making a strawberry charm made of loom bands

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Step 1: Loom position

Picture of loom position

make sure your loom is as shown

Step 2: Placing your green bands

Picture of placing your green bands

1. place double green bands from the top center peg to the right
2. place double green bands from the top center peg to the left

Step 3: Placing your red bands

Picture of placing your red bands

1. place double red bands from the top right peg to the second then from the second to third and from the third to the middle fourth peg .
2. now place double red bands from the first middle peg to the second from the second to third and from the third to fourth peg (like the second photo)
3. place double red bands from the top left peg to the second left peg and from the second to the middle third peg . (like the third photo)

Step 4:

Picture of

1. Take your hook and wrap a green rubber band around once to make two loops as shown in picture one, then place it on the top right peg repeat this step and put the other on the top left pegpeg
2. wrap a red band around once on your hook to make two loops and place this cap band on the third middle peg
3. wrap a red band around your hook twice to make three loops and place that cap band on the fourth middle peg

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100352028 months ago

I made IT!!! YAYYY!

jaqiidiaz3 (author)  100352026 months ago
;) cute

hello please can you tell me how to loop

amna.raza.582 months ago

how do i loop it

ya me to amna i could not understand how to loop

sash5 made it!1 month ago
It's sooooo cute ^_^

very cute!!!

loomergirl3 months ago

mine came out wrong and it has a bunch of holes in it

smithyalla224 months ago
That's a clever idea you did a good job!!!
akendall15 months ago
these are so sweet and easy to do I have done 4 already
I did it with single bands and it is so cute!
I like it more with pink bands
hannah12065 months ago

I do it YAY!!!! ;)

hannah12065 months ago

I do it YAY!!!! ;)

hannah12065 months ago

I do it YAY!!!! ;)

Poddlepop5 months ago

I made its just that I couldn't put the band though them all. But it's soo cute

DragoBlast6 months ago

i did try but i think i went wrong somewhere why I said that was because it looked like a strawberry with a hole, so... Yeah. Don't worry I'm not-blaming you I just seem to loop it right. Hmm...

ruhliar6 months ago
I made it! ;-)
jaqiidiaz3 (author)  ruhliar6 months ago
cute ;)
hunter9991 year ago

A very original idea, good job! :-)

jaqiidiaz3 (author)  hunter9991 year ago
thanks ❤

No problem, it looks a lot like the Raspberry Pi logo ;-):

download (1).jpg
dan3008 hunter9997 months ago

beet me to it ... by 5 months lol


Why are you spamming my inbox? :-p Please don't.




jaqiidiaz3 (author)  hunter9991 year ago
?yea its does

Indeed. :-P

GraceN8 months ago

I didn't understand the looping part. I'll just look at another website instead :(

I made it!!


elane48 months ago
it worked confused at first but got it in the end
danpha8 months ago
This is so coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool
This is so coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool
lolagabriella9 months ago
I got to step 5 and got very confused about the looping instructions :(

me to, but i tried

moodyspider8 months ago

sooooooooo cute~

mss19999 months ago
instructions were confusing but I made it in the end :D
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