Super Quick to make they eliminate the need to search for matches and are very handy for wood stoves and camping!

Step 1: What You Will Need

things you need

egg carton
shredded paper (or pine shavings)
strike anywhere matches
wax (I use old candles)
a jar (to melt the wax)
a pot with water
a knife
<p>im going to use this from now on when im camping small, light, convenient, just the way i like it</p>
Done very well.
I prefer using sawdust when making mine. Nice instructable.
Great Idea! A similar method I use is with dryer lint. I make a mold with a small tin or box. Line the mold with wax paper. Add a good amount of lint to the wax and pour it in the mold. After it dries you have a great slow burning fire starter. The lint will burn and the wax will keep it from burning too fast.
you can also use lint from the dryer.
Pretty nice. Seems very vulnerable to accidental ignition though.
You could also put a very thin coat of wax over the head of the match. I use &quot;Strike Anywhere&quot; matches. When I drag the match across a rough surface - like the sand paper striker - the wax is pealed away. The match bursts into flames and the rest of the wax disappears. You have ignition. &quot;Live for the Best; Prepare for the Worst&quot;
i wanted to try something like this with my left over charcoal i buy the natural kind and i get a lot of charcoal dust
Awesome :)
I've also thought about making something like this, I just haven't gotten around to it..
nicely done!
Very well thought out adaptation on a classic. 4 Stars.

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