This stripey snake comes from a pattern in Zoe Mellor's book, Knitted Toys. I used some yarn that my aunt bought at a garage sale as well as a few new skeins to add some color. If I were to knit this again I would use thinner yarn. I deviated from the pattern a bit and made the stripes all different sizes instead of the same thickness. I originally made this to lay in front of a door to keep the draft out but my four boys have taken it over love to play with it.
Where do you get instructions for the snake
In Zoe' Mellor's book, Adorable Knits For Tots.
I made this too! Used cotton Peaches and Cream yarn and knitted it in the round (I hate seaming) I had to start the head on two needles flat until I got past the cheeks then I changed over to knitting in the round. I did learn that it's a long way from one end to the other when try to stuff it (mine ended up 36 &quot; long at least). <br /> <br />I also fooled around and managed to knit a forked tongue!
What an adorable set of photos! I love it.
I have this pattern, you have spurred me on to knit it.
Love the colors and size of the snake. Cute, cute idea!
I hate real snakes, but this one is quite loveable. The bright colors are wonderful, and the tongue makes a whole package.
i think the pattern is better off with different width stripes, that was a good deviation on your part! its such a cute little critter with many function! (draft stopper and baby-sitter, haha)
Very cool. I love it, it looks very nicely done, very very very nicely done, amazing job.
hehe..I would have loved one of these when I younger. (Can't say I wouldn't like it if I got one now)

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