Step 7: The Reveal

When all slices have been cooked, plate up a stack and top your toast with your favourite toppings.
Maple syrup and confectioner's sugar are tasty regular, but I wanted something more original. I served this dish with a gob of peanut butter and finished it off with a strawberry coulis, which is fruit mashed through a strainer into a syrupy jam-like consistency.

Serve hot.
om nom nom!

Might have to wipe my keyboard since I'm drooling all over it. I actually like the way strawberry coulis topping goes with the stuffed toast.
Looks wonderful!! :D<br><br>Some people also use custards as fillings and then deep fry it.
Wow, that's a fantastic photo. <br />*drools*
Wow, great pictures! Looks delicious!
Try this one with a filling of peanut butter and chocolate chips. Serve it up with whipped cream and choice of syrup yummy!!!
Normally my mom and I just get 2 pieces of regular toast and put spreads in between (peanut butter and jelly, jelly and cream cheese, frozen fruits+something else, maybe some nutella+fruit). <br>This would be a &quot;surprise!&quot; way to make stuffed french toast.
Ugh gross! It looks like it's bleeding all over the plate. Disgusting!
Hey, looks fantastic! Must try!
mmmm this looks awesome. If you got creative you could turn this into a pretty good dinner.
Oh Wow!

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