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I like stuffed mushrooms and I like to cook. The first time that I ever had stuffed mushrooms was at a Chinese restaurant I liked them a lot this is a recipe that I made my self and I hope that you like them you can play around with the ingredients and see how you like you're mushrooms.things that you need a pan,two containers of mushrooms,a 16 oz container of cream cheese,and a bag of garlic ,towl paper,a spoon. its ok to add any hurbs that u like or small chunks of meat.

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get a pan about 10"in wide by 12" long

grease the bottum of the pan butter

set oven temp to 425

Step 2:

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whild oven is pre heating genlty pull the stems off the mushrooms

wash the inside and the outeside put some towlpaper and put the mushrooms with the towl paper in a medun sised bowl

Step 3:

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opean the cream chese and the garlic / now u neet that spoon

Step 4:

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take a mushroom place it in the pan get a spoon full of cream cheese an put it in the mushrooms then you take a good finger tip full of parmeasan garlic cheese and push on the cheese very gently so that it sticks.

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put them in the oven for 15"min or untill cheese is golden brown


HeidiSN (author)2016-04-27

These are soooo yummy! Thank you!

pls (author)2008-11-08

those look great..

dragonboy3000 (author)pls2010-05-28

thank you

if you liked them you could try putting small bits of bacon in them there great for paties or a fun snack

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