Picture of styrofoam cup (polystyrene insulated foam container) beer safe
In this instructable I will show you how you can enjoy your favorite beverage quietly in the public view of others.

This project has many uses.
1 it keeps your favorite beverage cool in the hot summer heat.
2 Keeps your hands nice and comfy when enjoying your favorite beverage.
3 Allows you to stealthy enjoy your beverage in more public places, like pee-wee base ball games, funerals or weddings, court proceedings and  driving in your car.

You will need:
1 Styrofoam cup or a polystyrene insulated foam container WITH the "built in" cup holder attachment.
(you can get  a cup of ice and water from most drive-throughs for like $0.60 USD)
Ultra premium can of beer.  Such as Natural Light or Keystone light.

Step 1: Prep the container

Picture of Prep the container
Wash the container out if it had soda or other crazy concoction from the drive through restaurant.

Add a few pieces of ice INSIDE the cup. 
Tip- Throw a few pieces inside the little cup holder part but dont fill it up all the way with ice.  The cup holder acts a way to secure the can.

caitlinsdad5 years ago
I'm surprised you didn't mention how long it can safely hold the optimal temperature before the beverage is unsuitable for consumption or what is the optimal temperature range. BTW, looks like the Robot shirt faded to the standard issue BDU underwear color or is that your own creation? And more sit-ups to counteract the developing beer-gut.
what the hell caitlinsdad how is that relevant
Which Fn part did you not understand?  Do you not know the difference from a urine test sample from a refreshing beverage or will you be a General someday?

Seriously, specify and I will explain.
thematthatter (author)  aaronalam5 years ago
he is just jealous, when your as good looking as me people always try to bring you down.
thematthatter (author)  caitlinsdad5 years ago
ill have to do some independent research on the temperature. I use cheap detergent that does not contain "optical" brighteners so sometimes my colors dont seem to pop as much as everyone else. its an official shirt. I got like two of them. And yes i need to run a bit and do situps. Especially when its bikini season now. I dont want to look like "that guy" in my speedo.