Introduction: Sumtonian Universal Dremel Table Clamp

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Buy an Hose clamp of your Dremel body size from local store. And make a holder as shown in picture.

Step 1:

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Step 2: Now Join the Dremel Collar Made Out of This Clamp and C-clamp for Your Table, With a Suitable Angle Piece.

Fix a metal angle between this Dremel collar and c-clamp as shown in picture. Both available in local hardware store.
Picture is self explanatory and what you you see is what we want to do.

Step 3: Done ! Now Hold Your Dremel Inside the Collar and Fix the C-Clamp on the Table or Anywhere Suitable.

Done ! Now hold your Dremel inside the Collar and fix the C-Clamp on the table or anywhere suitable vertical or horizondal.
You can also loose both the bolt joints and get any azimuth or altitude angles ! of your Dremel Rocket !

Step 4:


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