This is actually a piñata I made for the marriage of my friend Paulina O.
she designed it and I started to make the molds in my work.
.- mold
- cardboard
- scissors
- my glue
- crepe paper (red and black)
- old newspaper
- other glue (liquid silicon)
- masking tape
- things to fill the piñata

Step 1: Step One: Making the Mold

I spent time making the molds in my work, as I mentioned ..
First I drew on the board the basis of the heel and then transferred the design to a sheet of paper. I began to cut and see how they looks.
To make the heel, drew the same figure three times.
use masking tape to join the parts
<p>That's pretty freaking awesome. </p><p>Pongale el puro talon, prima!</p>
Cool idea! Very cute. <br>Awesome Job! :)
Congratulations on being a winner in the Big and Small contest!
That is fantastic! It looks very clean and professional - great work. :D
thanks i add paper mache technique to every proyect i can. Also it was for a very good friend of mine. <br>

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