Picture of super big heels
This is actually a piñata I made for the marriage of my friend Paulina O.
she designed it and I started to make the molds in my work.
.- mold
- cardboard
- scissors
- my glue
- crepe paper (red and black)
- old newspaper
- other glue (liquid silicon)
- masking tape
- things to fill the piñata
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Step 1: Step one: making the mold

I spent time making the molds in my work, as I mentioned ..
First I drew on the board the basis of the heel and then transferred the design to a sheet of paper. I began to cut and see how they looks.
To make the heel, drew the same figure three times.
use masking tape to join the parts

Step 2: Round the front

Picture of round the front
round the front and side, then masking tape-it
resembles the original design?

Step 4: Trace the molds in cardboard

Picture of trace the molds in cardboard
once you trace the molds at the cardboard. cut the pieces.
join all the parts together (the enlarged ones) with liquid silicon, and masking tape.
Then use my paste to glue the parts, reinforce it with newspaper.

Start to glue crepe paper (black) on the side-

Step 5:

Picture of
paste the crepe paper
with the glue

Step 7:

Picture of
put a little stick to open the surprises gate.
Attach a thread to joining the bow

Step 8: Make a bow to pull the gate

make a bow out of newspaper.
glue some crepe paper to make it red.
is attached to the thread.. to the gate

Step 10: And there is a heel pi�ata!

Picture of and there is a heel pi�ata!
use it as you want!
Eh Lie Us!8 months ago

That's pretty freaking awesome.

Pongale el puro talon, prima!

ashbegash2 years ago
Cool idea! Very cute.
Awesome Job! :)
poofrabbit2 years ago
Congratulations on being a winner in the Big and Small contest!
That is fantastic! It looks very clean and professional - great work. :D
Hunrichse (author)  jessyratfink2 years ago
thanks i add paper mache technique to every proyect i can. Also it was for a very good friend of mine.