Small,high power,super cool,knex gun.Not the most accurate thing in the world,but powerful for its size.It is my second instructable.It uses very little pieces and not to hard to make ether.It shoots red connectors the best but can shoot any rods with a red connector on the end.(the smaller the rod the better). it takes under 5 seconds to reload and fire.LETS START BUILDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Step 1: The Barrel

pic1:Make this 2Xs

pic2:add white connectors on one side only.

pic3:Make this

pic4:Put it on the white connectors

pic5:put the other side on but don't put the handle(the bit we haven't made yet)or the rubber band.

Step 2: The Handle

pic1:make this 2Xs

pic2:attach them on to the barrel.

Step 3: The Trigger

pic1:Make this

pic2:make this.

pic3:clip the white rod into the green rod.

pic4:put the stopper thingey BEHIND THE TRIGGER.(Very important that you put it behind the trigger)

Step 4: Rubber Bands and Firing


pic2:put rubber band on the end of the barrel,then clip a white connector over it (this does no interfere with firing).

pic3:put rubber band on the trigger and put ammo in the barrel.I prefer my ammo right by the trigger where the orange connectors stop.
Great instructable! <br>and for any else who made this <br>you need to angle teh gun up about 5 degrees for every 7 ft away ur target is
ty this is a really good and easy to follow explanation cheers
yo move the bit at the front to the back m8
Im trying to get some better pics
sorry I forgot
Get some better intro photos. I cant tell what it is!

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