Ok so your about to leve for school (or wherever your going) and, Ohnoes!!! your folder explodes and there is no time to get a new one D: Well never fear! the super soda box folder instructable is here!! This will show you step by step how to make an easy folder just a little amount of money and time (in about 10 to 15 minutes with a cost of approx. $0.00 thats right, free)

Step 1: supplies!

the supplies you will need are:
~ soda boxes (approx. 1.5 per folder)
~ cutting utensil
~ packaging tape (clear)
~10-15 min.

What a fun and easy way to recycle
Now that is neat idea. I like re-purposing stuff and this is great.
Fun and easy. Thanks! :)
That's a really fun idea!
thank you, this is my first instructable <br>

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