Picture of super cool soda box folders!
Ok so your about to leve for school (or wherever your going) and, Ohnoes!!! your folder explodes and there is no time to get a new one D: Well never fear! the super soda box folder instructable is here!! This will show you step by step how to make an easy folder just a little amount of money and time (in about 10 to 15 minutes with a cost of approx. $0.00 thats right, free)
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Step 1: Supplies!

Picture of supplies!

the supplies you will need are:
~ soda boxes (approx. 1.5 per folder)
~ cutting utensil
~ packaging tape (clear)
~10-15 min.

Step 2: Find lateral surface of box

Picture of find lateral surface of box

First, you will take your first box and cut through the middle to have a flattened box. Then cut off  the edges. Also include the dotted line that you punchout if it is the fridge pack. Don't throw them away when your done though, you might use them for later.

Step 3: Cut out the inside flaps

Picture of cut out the inside flaps
Second, flatten out the second box as you did with the first but this time, cut into fourths where the box was folded. But the side with the handle won't be used since it will end up in half, these will be the sides.

Step 4: Attatch folder flaps to folder

Picture of attatch folder flaps to folder
Third, you will attatch the flaps with the tape.  You first measure the folder and cut off any excess. then tape you can put the design out or in whichever you want, i put mine facing out even though it doesn't match lol.

Step 5: Now you are done!

Picture of Now you are done!
You are now done and can go to school (or wherever you're going) with a neat, cool looking, organized folder. just add a few finishing touches such as taping the handle and cutting off excess tape. but f you got extra time on your hands then...

Step 6: Other uses!

Picture of other uses!
100_1451 - Copy.JPG
you could also skip the flaps and use it as a porfolio or a manila folder thing in your filing  cabinet. Or you cold use the flaps you cut off to make a pocket. Just tape two of the flaps together and then tape all the sides except the top one on to your folder. or if you have access to a havy duty hole puncher, holepunch it. Do whatever you want with it but remember, this is not heavy duty and hasthe possibility of breaking easily. It also looks so cool, someone will steal it which I will not be responsible for. But anyways, Have fun! :D
Cindy021 year ago
What a fun and easy way to recycle
Cindy021 year ago
Now that is neat idea. I like re-purposing stuff and this is great.
Fun and easy. Thanks! :)
zazenergy4 years ago
That's a really fun idea!
Fried Calamari (author)  zazenergy4 years ago
thank you, this is my first instructable