Picture of super cooler with stereo mp3

Instructable First timer - I always was impressed with the engineering of the Playmate cooler and how its put together so I decided to add a great addition - A working car stereo and speakers, all of which still allow the cooler to function

Parts list
12v car stereo with mp3 input -Dual brand is cheap on Amazon 45 bucks
RV overhead stereo mount plate - amazon 14 bucks
surface mount speakers - Jenson or Pioneer or other made for car to be rugged
12v 7amp hr gell cell batteries - any surplus site or emergency lighting distributor -20 bucks or so ea
junction box 2x1x2 -electrical supply house or telephone jack housing
rubber antenna - auto part store
wire 18 awg assorted colors
2 inch plastic pipe u clamps for emt - Home depot .50 ea
2 drawer pulls or computer rack handles and spacers made from scrap pipe
toggle switch or rocker switch
dc power jack - any easy combo
12v lead acid battery charger or trickle charger - found at radio shack
2 feet wire loom tubing 1/2 inch diameter - radio shack or auto parts store

Step 1: Construction

Picture of construction

first remove plugs on side of cooler - they pop out to reveal the Phillips screws that hold the tilting cover on, once these screws are removed then set aside.

cooler top then is easily removed - grab a empty beer case to use as a temporary stand

next step is mount any quality pair of speakers to side using counter sunk hardware if possible to not cause interference when opening and closing - (depending on speakers chosen, using predrilled wood screws would do) see pic for location and far forward the front the better to leave enough room for the Batteries

Tamayote11 year ago

how long will the battery charge last on this?

sanders2001 (author)  Tamayote11 year ago

Hi there- the gell cells are 7 amp/hr each so after a 4hr charge or so the radio should last 14hrs at good volume, the batteries I got for free because they were old but so far I have left it on outside all day a few times and seems to never run out..if I had money I would get the lithium ion pack on amazon thats 14 amp/hr and weighs only 1.5lb @$80.00