Super Easy 2D Creeper Face


Introduction: Super Easy 2D Creeper Face

About: Hi there, I'm Julian I love making DIY projects that are both fun and useful ;-)


Are you a minecraft fan? a gamer?

Well you will love this amazing but simple minecraft creeper face well I do!

Step 1: You Will Need:

1.1Green and 1Black FELT sheets

2. Some super glue

3. scissors or a cutter

Step 2: Get Cutting!

start cutting your black felt sheet until it becomes the eyes and mouth of the creeper.

(make sure you cut the eyes evenly )

Step 3: Get Sticking!

This is the final part were you use your super glue to stick the cuttings to the face. Make sure you know where the parts go. leave the parts to dry for about 3-4minutes before hanging it .Have fun!



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