this is a cool way of making a knife with very common tools

Step 1: to start

ok, to start all you need is a exacto knife
sand paper
and sheet of plastic

Step 2: forming the knife

ok cut out the shap of any knife you want and were the blade will be form the blade so it is dule

Step 3: handel part 1

all you do for the handel is cut it out from the blade

Step 4: handel part 2

after cutting it out add any thing for grip what i used is cardbord and electrical tape

Step 5: sharpining

ok since its not metal you cant use a sharpining stone so i used sand paper
if ur gunna shrpn it so that it kils smbody, why not jst use the exatco nife?
...spell check? <br><br>wow.
Why make a plastic knife when you have a perfectly good utility knife right there? Just sayin' .......<br />
a &quot;prison shank&quot; should be able to be made IN&nbsp;PRISON.<br /> <br /> That means no knives.<br /> <br /> Useless.<br />
In shop class I make acrylic shanks and sneek them past my teachers all of the time. our shop teacher is so dumb though that he actualy gave someone an A on a shank not knowing what it was
hmm i bet you could use a dremel to cut a shape and a sanding tip for a dremel to sharpen it.but unfortunatly i dont own a dremel (sucks for me) so i cant try it
all i have to say is "BOOOOOO!!!!" I'd get bored in iraq and make knifes out of tv screens(they curved ) or chunks of broken tile. you need to try harder or quit.
Super easy combat shank
step one you have a knife by step 5 you have a blunt knife a messy bit of plastic and some wasted sand paper
yeah everyone wants a plastic knife
You already had a knife in step one.
Yeah, I was going to say that too, haha.
technically, it was a pointy (plastic) stick.
No, he means the X-Acto knife
But now he has a Prison Shank!!
wow i didn't think people actually wore their pt gear around the house....but not surprising with the kind of "content" that he created....this shouldn't even be posted......to be constructive, you could have at least thought the shape through a bit more.
you would have better luck growing your fingernails out.
he made a shank
lol, i guess people can use as a toy, but not for combat (lol it's safe enough to give a 6 yr old)
pretty cool butt i do kinda agree with some of the other people the shape is kinda wierd =)<br/>
Dude, that 'X-Acto knife' isn't an X-Acto knife. Ever herd about a little thing called 'CUTTER'? That's what it is.
are you for real?
i am soz dude but this has got to be a fing joke :P
Dude, this is horrible. I know it's probablly your first instructable or something, but please make it go away. At least until you can collect your thoughts and use your imagination to come up with something that resembles a well thought out project resulting in a product worth making. Several suggestions worth looking into can be found in this comments section.
i think i could have achieved the same things with a rock wrapped with a sock or just a pair of scissors and a carton of milk. OK for cosplay maybe though, just dont try to become king of the streets with one of these; it aint the days of WestSideStory when you could outdance your opponents into submission with a catchy tune and fancy footwork. =P&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;But still, yes, this could be fun for a costume if you dressed it up a lil.&lt;br/&gt;maybe try to hold up an old tee shirt as the BG of your cam shots next time,&lt;br/&gt;you look so damn stoned. &lt;sup&gt;_&lt;/sup&gt;&lt;br/&gt;<br/>
Amazing what someone will post these days. I want my min back that it took to read this!
use like 120 or 180 sand paper. it needs to be pretty coarse to help first sharpen it out. If you like it to be of good quality. Work from 120 sand paper, to 180, to 220, and finish it off with a 400. Dont overdo it, or you may just DULL the blade.
Actually. Flint or Obsidian would be best. Or if you know Earth Science. Check your reference table for any rock you can get that 'cleavages' since that is what you want. a chunk that breaks off you can sharpen into something. Obsidian is Volcanic Rock. used as Arrow Head. Availible at some flea markets or Earth Science Trips Flint you have to know. used with steel for fire making. sharpens into flint knives for example... My best suggestion: Flint or steel. Since you can turn one into a fire making tool, and both are sharpenable. P.S. you can use anything that has an abrasive to make something decently useable as a knife. Since it beats wasting a good knife in the middle of nowhere
this is very simple but sort of cool :) i agree that this isnt realy a 'combat knife' but you may be able to get it fairly sharp (although it wouldnt hold an edge) what can this cut through?
flesh. if your a moderately strong male, you'll be able to slide this into someones stomach easily.
dude, use metal, thats all i have to say...
rofl, this thing is less dangerous than the exacto knife you used to make it. but if i criticise it is only right that i give a tip as well. a while back i made some knives out of Polyphthalamide for a "customer" who didnt want them to be detected by a metal detector. Polyphthalamide is as strong or stronger than steel, it more expensive but if you want undetectable then thats your thing.
For anyone who actually wants to make a half decent, professional-looking knife, go to <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Build-a-Knife/?ALLSTEPS,">https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Build-a-Knife/?ALLSTEPS,</a> or search &quot;how to build a kinfe&quot; on this site.<br/>
UR kidding right? this "combat knife" is plastic. Muhahahaha
Hey! it'll get past metal detectors!
Tru dat. But so will a Bic pen. Also if they DO search you, for whatever reason, while going through the metal detector, you won't be arrested.
A better idea for a plane hijack would be a fired clay or ceramic knife.
its almost a good idea, but i think "Prison Shank" or "concealable shiv" would be more appropriate titles.
what would be better plastic or wood knives
If you don't already have a knife you can drag the edges along a brick wall or something.
spel chk pls
This is funny! It is a joke, right?
i hear the choppers hovering, theyre hovering overhead the wounded need my help, but im on instructables instead sitting in my foxhole, making my knife out jumps the enemy, i had to take his life airbooooorrrrne, rannnnngerrrrrs do it themselves!

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