Introduction: Super Easy Nerf Grappling Gun

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For this Instructable we are going to build a very quick and easy Nerf grappling gun. It is basically just a dart mod.
All you are doing is adding a tri barbed fish hook to the end of the bullet.
This gun shoots around 15 feet depending on the length of fishing line you use and the weight of your hook.

Now, onto the parts list.

Step 1: Parts and Tools

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Parts list:
>Nerf pistol (I used the Reflex gun)
>fishing line (In this case 20 lb test will do)
>a tri barbed fishing hook (get a larger one for better chances of hooking something)
>a Nerf bullet (whistler darts work the best)

Tools list:
>small wire clippers
>a small phillips head screwdriver
>small needle nosed pliers (mine weren't in the photo)

Step 2: Prepare the Nerf Bullet

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For the first step you are going to cut off the end of the bullet.
Start at the whistler hole and cut around the entire bullet.
You should be let with half of the end cap still on.

Now, poke a hole through the middle of the end cap with your small screwdriver.
This will allow the hook and the fishing line to go through.

Step 3: Thread the Fishing Line

Picture of Thread the Fishing Line

Now we are going to add the thread the fishing line through the bullet.
First, tie the line to the end of your screwdriver.
Then, poke the screwdriver all the way through the bullet until you can reach the line on the end of the screwdriver.
Pull the fishing line off the screwdriver and out of the end of the bullet two or three feet.
Finally, pull the screwdriver out.

Step 4: Add the Hook

Picture of Add the Hook

We are almost done!!
Pull about 15 feet of fishing line through the bullet.
Remember, keep the bullet on the line.
Tie the hook to the line that is sticking out the front of the bullet.
Pull on the line until the hook is stuck in the bullet.
The hooks should be sticking out the side of the bullet.

Step 5: Tie the Line to the Gun

Picture of Tie the Line to the Gun

Finally, tie the other end of the fishing line to the gun.
I tied mine through a hole I made in the finger guard.
Put the bullet in the gun, cock, and fire.


SamTheWolfie (author)2016-05-13

Cool, however, if that is shot at someone, that's not coming out easily.

JaredDiS (author)2016-02-23

Don't shoot at people

TommyP2 (author)2014-11-02

I made something similar to this. However I used my modded nerf jolt and a leather needle to make the grapple. I also used 3 meters of thick button filler for the cord, that i wrapped around the front of the gun.

thedarkknight2009 (author)2013-07-08

that's very clever. good idea man

batman2231 (author)2012-07-28

awesome i'm going to try this

mrmerino (author)2012-04-10

Very neat. Where do you think I could obtain approximately 100 yards of high-tensile fishing line-type thread? Say, 100kg?

jackjackboom (author)mrmerino2012-04-10

well 100 yrds of fishing line would be pretty easy to get, but the nerf gun probably wont shoot that far.

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