Introduction: Super Knex Crossbow

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this is a really durable crossbow and it's also very powerful if you put the right elastics on it

some of the parts might look broken their not supposed to be

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Step 1: Step 1 the Front

Picture of Step 1 the Front

Step 2: Step 2 the Barrel

Picture of Step 2 the Barrel

must use pieces in pics

Step 3: Step 3 the Stock

Picture of Step 3 the Stock

5 pieces thick

Step 4: Step 5 the Skeleton

Picture of Step 5 the Skeleton

Step 5: Step 5 Finishing the Gun

Picture of Step 5 Finishing the Gun


DracoUltima (author)2010-07-07

Check out my crossbow :)

cj81499 (author)2009-08-28

look at pdf!!!! it works great

mikstr2 (author)2009-08-02

I made this crossbow. it was ok ish and pretty cool. I have a huge LCD moniter to look at the pictures though (32 inches)

Speedmite (author)2009-05-25

Are you supposed to copy this entire page and enlarge one by one each pic?

TorBomb (author)2009-03-03

Are you COLE is your brother CURTIS it's me TORBEN

Co2 SOKKER (author)2008-11-10

I would have made them bigger but it would take me 5 hours to upload them bcause my computer is too slow

knexfan9182 (author)Co2 SOKKER2008-11-14

then do it in your sleep or my text dog will bite you (""--, he says grrr...

Co2 SOKKER (author)2008-11-10

I will be trying to make the same one with bigger pics

Storm950 (author)2008-11-10

Damn this thing looked quite good, until I saw the pictures! :o

knexfan9182 (author)2008-11-09

the pictures are like 100x100 way to small

DJ Radio (author)2008-11-09

pictures are too small

pls (author)2008-11-08

pictures are to small:( check out my crossbow:)

Mad Cat (author)2008-11-08

Impossible to make with pictures this size.

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