ever wanted to have a powerful speaker system for those inpromtue garden parties/field raves. many will say this is a redundant Instructable, as there are many boombox style radios from days gone by cheaply available, or these cheap ipod style mp3 docking stations that run on batteries.
I strongly disagree with this statement, boomboxes are huge and eat batteries, docking stations are weak and sound poor. so for the best of both worlds, I present to you my portable rave speakers.

I built these speakers to meet these specifications:

-compact, for easy, in a back pack transport
-powerful, for punchy clear audio to get those outdoors raves going
-long run time, who wants to stop raving ?

Step 1:

First step as always is, what do you need?

-speaker cones (take them out of a couple of sets of computer speakers)
-amplifier chip (see next step for details)
-1Mohm potentiometer
-3.5mm audio jack
-2 * 470nf capacitors
- a 220 micro F capacitor
-2 5kohm resistors
-high capacity set of batteries (12-18v 4000mah+)
-the best heatsink you gan get

-soldering iron
-dremel (or equivalent)
-wire cutters

Other materials:
-lots of assorted shrink tubing (electrical insulation)
-small project box (altiods tin would suffice)
-a good length of good quality wire.
-battery connectors of choice (I chose deans "t" connectors)
-thermal greese

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