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Step 4: Making the amplifier housing

Picture of making the amplifier housing
In the project box that you have you will need to mark out a section to be cut out to allow the chip heatsink to pertrude. A hole for the potentiometer to pertrude and holes for the jack wire speaker wires and the power cables. For the cable holes use a drill with a 4mm bit, for the heatsink the best tool is a dremel type tool with one of the reddish thin cutting disks, around the heatsink hole you will also need to drill a couple of holes for bolts to secure the heatsink.
_Scratch_4 years ago
You could.... but whats the fun in that?
 So could that whole amplifier housing thing be simplified up by just buying one annnddd.. yea like i love the idea with the batteries you used but can i just use the batteries speakers and just buy an amplifier of my own if i dont know how to do all of tha wireing ..??

PS Love the project !