It looks weak but is very power full
Read all of the instructions to find your materials I did not think to include a materials page sorry

Step 1: Barrel

take two pens (bic) and take all of the insides out so that you have a pipe and do it in both pens

Take the two pens and tape them together DO NOT GLUE it is not strong enough for the stress put on it use multiple layers of tape to make it stronger

Step 2: Rubber Band

take a long rubber band like the one on the news paper and then put it near the top of the barrel if you do not have a large rubber band then you can use a smaller thicker one but less far down the barrel

Step 3: Plunger

You make The plunger out of a long piece of Knex and one of the orange connector things

Hitch the two together with Duct tape like in the picture

Step 4: Asembly

Take the plunger and stick it in the barrel like the picture
Its not even a knex gun
But it uses knex.
BTW Nice Gun
true but its not a gun
cool gun but my design is better
i dont get it.
We Don't need another augsut
well,its like anyotuer knex tube gun. Third comment
I agree Second comment
ok this is kinda stupid no offense first comment

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