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This is my first instructables so be nice.. it's my first time ;-)

Throwees are cool little LED lights that are made from a coin cell, an LED, a magnet, and some tape. The idea is to make a disposeable light that you can toss onto a steel object and have it stick. One by itself is not very impressive but a whole slew of them can make a rather dull object look interesting.

This instructable takes the throwee idea and puts it on steroids! I'll show you how to make a blinking throwee that will easily run for over a week.
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Step 1: Bill of materials

Picture of bill of materials
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You'll need a couple of items to put this guy together.
1) LED blinky light. Can be obtained free.. I'll explain a little later
2) lithium camera battery
3) rain proof container
4) basic geek items.. tape, soldering iron, wire, solder

First you'll need to get the blinky LED light device. You can buy one (un-resourceful of you) or, you can get tons of them for free! How to get them free? LED body lighting has become very popular in the night club scene. People buy them for $5 or so and eventually just leave them behind at the end of the night. A buddy at a nightclub, specially the cleaning staff can produce bags of these things!

The lithium battery. These are expensive but some ebay searching can produce really good deals. I bought as bag full of duracell 223 camera litiums for $5 plus shipping. These sell for about $7 or so each at the local drugstore. Ideally you want a battery like the 223 because its actually two 3v litiums in one package.

Rain proof container. Whatever you have on hand. I used a baby food jar since its what i could find. Plastic would be better for places were falling and breaking could be an issue.

Stuff you should have on hand if your an electronics geek.. thin stranded wire, solder, soldering iron, electrical tape.
firemanfu7 years ago
electronics goldmine has 100 leds for 5 dollars if you cant get any blinkeys
Also check Am Sci and Surp has them for cheap.
qwertyboy5 years ago
it's spelled throwies...
rotor8 years ago
littering is so awesome!
Aar000n3y rotor7 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
rotor Aar000n3y7 years ago
Let me get this straight. You're telling me it's not litter because if it lays around for a few weeks a city worker will clean it up? Are you kidding me?
Aar000n3y rotor7 years ago
Hmm... I'm not sure what I was thinking at the time. Maybe I was tired or something. I'm guessing what I meant to say was that they really won't cause a problem with the environment. A lot of people say that the batteries will get into the water supply or leak into the soil. And that's what that response was really about. Littering that hurts the environment instead of just trash being thrown around in a city. In a way I suppose it is littering, it just depends on your point of view. Some people are fine with it as a decoration, others aren't.
ah, well, if you're littering on concrete, how will it mess up the environment if none of it's left?
yeah.... me hatez concrete....
shorty338 years ago
that sounds really excitng to watch if your like 7 years old
Its good if your wasted too.
MrSnid7 years ago
and is the blinking a function of the diode array ? or is that something you have done... (( also if you dont live in a large town with a 'club scene' any suggestions on where to get diodes ? ))
I have made a color changing throwie using a color changing pen led.
If your using that battery pack Im not sure how much it can be considered a throwie. You try throwing that you might kill someone.
pinski18 years ago
So you sacrifice the whole portability and the fact you can get it into otherwise in-accessable places for a longer lifetime, and flshing lights? I guess it's an idea.
Gr1D (author) 8 years ago
so would all the "nice" folks that just commented be all spiffy if i removed the the first line on the instructable? come on guys.. get a grip! so its a silly comment.. life goes on!
"This is my first instructables so be nice.. it's my first time ;-)" STFU stop saying this shit come on!!!
Oh... and woops... Chill mate! Its not the end of the world yet, and we are not trying to drive new guy off the club... Not just yet...
god damn, white boy. you trying to give us radiation poisoning?
Hey chill! Anyway, this instructable is not too bad. Although there exist a particular aspect of this instructable, that we are likely to not be quite so appreciative of. In this case it is "This is my first instructables so be nice.. it's my first time ;-)" This particular quote cited by many new organism in a cohesive group, often incite anger and threats from other older organism of the same species. Hope you understand this particular idea and apply it to you daily methodology. And? Keep making! (There really should be a page for new people dont you think? A page that all people would see when they sign up)