Picture of super,super simple poi
this is my 1st instructable, so pardon any unusual formatting.  I was looking at every poi instructable there was, but they were all very complicated, involving complex knots, or expensive materials. this one only uses 3 things: tennis balls, washers, and clothes-line.
I prefer the poi made with ropes as opposed to the ones made with nylons because the nylons wear out faster than the ropes do.       
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Step 1: Cutting the tennis ball

Picture of cutting the tennis ball
So, you take the tennis ball, decide where you want the hole, and stab and widen the hole with a knife or scissors, as I did here.  If you are under 12, I would suggest you get an adult to help with this. Then you simply poke into the other side. repeat with other tennis ball   

Step 2: The rope and washer

Picture of the rope and washer
the next step is to attach the rope. To do this, you tie an over-hand knot, and slip the washer over it, then pull the washer to the knot.

Step 3: Assembling the poi

Picture of assembling the poi
Now comes the tricky part. you have to push the rope up through both holes, starting with the big hole. 

Step 4: Final step

Picture of final step
The easy step! all you do in this one is: hold the tennis ball in your hand, pull the rope to your arm-pit, give it about 5 inches extra, and cut. then tie a knot at the end, wrap around your hand and type beginners guide to poi into the search bar! good luck!
because of a very good point made in a comment, i am posting a pic of the knot i use to tie them on to my hand. after copying the pic, then simply pull the knot fairly tight, slip on to your hand, and pull tight.