Suprisingly Effective Bic Pen Grappling Hook





Introduction: Suprisingly Effective Bic Pen Grappling Hook

the title is pretty self explanatory

assembly time: 30 min

Step 1: Supplies

the things you need to do this project are, a simple pen with a barrel and plug, a soldering iron, a low melting point solder, a guitar string, and some twine (at least 10 feet.)

Step 2: Attaching the Plug

For starters take out the ink and writing part, now take a lighter and hold it under the plug of the pen until it catches on fire, after blowing it out quickly push it against something flat and stiff. ir should look the fourth picture on the bottom

Step 3: Inserting the Metal Barbs

now this is where the guitar string comes into play, no pun intended, take a wire cutter and cut off a section of the string. then use the lighter to get it red hot. then quickly put into the barrel of the pen at about a 30 degree angle. it does matter how many you use, but the more the better.

Step 4: Weighting It Down and Putting It on a Line

the next step is putting the solder into the barrel of the pen, so what you do is hold the soldering iron with the solder about 1 and a half to 2 inches above the barrel. Then you slowly let the solder drip off the iron, and into the barrel. Once you have gotten to a point where you feel it weighs enough, you loop another section of the guitar string and pinch it so that it fits down into the barrel. Then you put the solder aroung the string. If it does feel sturdy in there then put a hole in the side, and fill it with solder.

Step 5: Final Assembly

to finish up, just make another loop on the other end of the guitar string, and tie the twine to that. congrats, you have just made a bic pen grappling hook.

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    HEY!! Drinking is cool!


    Sorry mom... i didn't mean to take charlies eye i swear i just tried to take his hat i swear!

    Interesting design, but to what kinds of things will it stick for purposes of either grappling or retrieval?

    I think that staples would probably work better than a guitar string, at least for the actual hook parts, and I bet that more people would have a stapler than a guitar string

    grapling hooks are for scaling building well me when i was drunk threw it ontop of a bulding and tried to climb it well its so week i fell of and rearly hurt myself =(

    The keywords there are WHEN I WAS DRUNK

    instead of using a soldering iron i filled it all the way up with solder using a blowtorch and i think you would be a lot better off with barbs of steel at least 3mm wide, which is what i used and it works amazingly, and as for the rope i used a 1cm thick nylon cord which is perfect for me as im 14 years old and weigh like 98lbs (non-anerexic!!!)